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We have moved!

PUMPNSEAL Australia are pleased to announce our move to bigger and better premises! At a time when most businesses have been tightening their belts, PUMPNSEAL Australia have been investing in the future. Our new building increases our workshop capa... Read More >

MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer

Last month PUMPNSEAL Australia put together a team of 11 riders to participate in the MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer. They each rode more than 200kms over two days, from South Perth to Mandurah and back. Conditions were terrible on the first day, ridi... Read More >

We are now Certified!

  We are pleased to announce that PUMPNSEAL Australia Pty Ltd is now accredited as an official Mechanical Seal Repair and Rebuild Centre by the AW Chesterton Company. This much sought after accreditation for our Seal Repair Centre is only ... Read More >

PUMPNSEAL Australia - A Chesterton Certified Seal Repair Centre

Handling and Maintenance of Seal Faces

Chemical Attack of Carbon Seal Faces One of the prevalent misconceptions perpetrated by mechanical seal trainers is that it is possible for chemical attack of resin impregnated carbon by acids naturally occurring in human dermas (skin). Two of t... Read More >

The Australian Pump of the Century

We are obviously into pumps and avidly digest any stories we come across about the subject matter. Here’s a pump story a little outside our area of expertise but it’s definitely a story worth sharing. One man’s perseverance and the collaboratio... Read More >

Shale Oil & Gas Production

A New Frontier in Energy Production requires the best in pump and compressor technology. Fertile shale oil and gas plays are creating an exciting new frontier in energy production, one that promises to redefine the need and demand for energy produ... Read More >

Pump Performance Bands

Technical professionals understand a variety of fluid-transfer performance concepts. The principles have much to do with evaluating if an individual pump, on an individual/micro scale, will succeed in accomplishing its fluid-transfer duties with ... Read More >

Why Did My Steam Service Sheet Gasket Fail?

What can cause a gasket to fail? Gasket failure occurs when the steam medium is allowed to leak above the acceptable level as measured by the end user and is not able to be corrected by tightening the joint further. The failure can be attributed to ... Read More >

Consider sealing with Air…An Alternative to Gland Packing

Packing has been used to seal rotating equipment for years. In fact, it is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, form of sealing a rotating shaft. However, packing is notorious for damaging shafts, yet it continues to be widely used in rotating equip... Read More >

Eccentric Disc Pumps Create Product Recovery Cost Savings

By Wallace Wittkoff Targeted product recovery in hygienic manufacturing reduces waste, decreases operating costs and maximizes the use of raw materials and end products. As budgets tighten, operators of manufacturing facilities must implement ne... Read More >