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PUMPNSEAL Australia is an Australian owned and operated company established in 2000 with a strong commitment to enhancing customer productivity, profitability and safety.

PUMPNSEAL was conceived on the idea of providing specialist supplier of process pumps, pumping systems and sealing solutions for a number of industries including Oil & Gas, Mining, Civil, Industrial, Municipal and Commercial operations. This has been our focus since the company was founded in 2000.

The team at PUMPNSEAL are passionate specialists with values that deliver a culture that is a testament to the strength of our training and development systems. Our integrated team of highly trained technical and customer service specialists are in constant collaboration to deliver the information, products and service customised to your needs.



People: We believe in respectful and highly personalised relationships.

Reliable: Consistent at all times in the delivery of our products and services.

Innovative: We are always striving for excellence and continual improvement across the board.

Motivated: Our actions and energy demonstrate a highly motivated and driven team at all times.

Engaged: We are always fully engaged with our clients, our people and our process.

Dedicated: We are dedicated to results and we are accountable for our actions and our recommendations.