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Chesterton 442 Seals on Ultra Fine Grinding Mills, Gold Mineral Processing

A customer was experiencing frequent gland failures on an Xstrata UFG 5000 Isa Mill™. Although it was a slow turning mill and low pressure, it was difficult to maintain a suitable seal with conventional gland packing.

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Chesterton 442 Seals Installed in Warman Slurry Pumps

A client in the Gold Mineral Processing industry was reviewing the gland sealing life of their critical pumps in Tailings discharge and Cyclone Feed. It was found that the frequent gland failures and lack of proper adjustment of pump packing had a direct impact on the life of the pumps bearing barrels.

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In HOT WATER again……

Our client had enough of the all too frequent repairs of their hot condensate pumps. The prime cause of failures was the requirement to operate at two different duty points, a tough application for any pump. Working in a high head condition and away from BEP, overloading of bearings and shaft deflection were a contributing factor. Sealing hot water also presented its issues too.

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Upgrading Laminating Press to Split Seals

CHESTERTON was requested by a large chipboard & laminated-chipboard manufacturer customer to provide seal solution for their new laminating press.

The press is a state-of-the –art technology short stroke, high speed press what laminates the melamine paper to the surface of the chipboard by high pressure and high temperature.

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Upgrading Feeding Screws to Split Seals

In the refining section of fibre board manufacturing, several screw feeding presses such as the moistening screw, plug screw feeder, pre-heater discharge screws and the refiner infeed screw, are used for conveying the chips through the process.

The sealing of these screws is often done through a standard stuffing box arrangement with compression packing. This sealing arrangement often suffers from short packing life that result in steam leakages.

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Low Emissions Fisher Control Valve Sealing

[tabs] [tab title="The Challenge" class="tab1"] The challenge with sealing pneumatically actuated control valves is to find the right balance between sealing performance and stem friction control. A higher packing stress would naturally lead to b... Read More >

Hot Water Pump Sealing

The main steam isolation, start up and non-return valves at a fossil generating station were blowing out the packing twice a year during start-ups and shutdowns. The costs associated with these failures were numerous;
On line leak injection cost €1000+ per valve, Forced outages were caused because the valves could not function. (Costing in the millions of €), Steam leaks would burn the grease out of the motor actuator, average cost of repair €8000+, valve repair after on line injection average cost was between € 10000 – 20000 each valve.

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HP Valve Sealing in Power Plant – The Chesterton 5300 Seal

The Customer asked Chesterton for immediate support in February 2008. He agreed with the Complete Live Loading solution with carbon bushing, three 5300 sealing rings and three to four 1600 end rings, with 6 Live Loading assemblies for 24 mm studs. The first two valves are packed in April 2008.

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Brine Sealing – The Chesterton 280 Seal

Mine processes will introduce harsh, abrasive environments for all process equipment. Sealing heavy brine/sea water with a specific gravity of 1.2 presents a very demanding task for any type of shaft seal.

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