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The main steam isolation, start up and non-return valves at a fossil generating station were blowing out the packing twice a year during start-ups and shutdowns.

The costs associated with these failures were numerous;

  • On line leak injection cost €1000+ per valve
  • Forced outages were caused because the valves could not function. (Costing in the millions of €)
  • Steam leaks would burn the grease out of the motor actuator, average cost of repair €8000+
  • Valve repair after on line injection average cost was between € 10000 – 20000 each valve

Chesterton’s Valve Live Loading Sealing Program eliminated all of the challenges listed.

Some of the valves have been successfully sealed for a decade or more with zero failures using our valve program and technology.

Major safety and repair issues were eliminated because of reliable sealing of high pressure steam, 250 – 310 bar.

The savings are in the € 80,000 +, however the asset preservation and reliability aspects of the program are the real winning combination.

  • Chesterton can extend the MTBR on severe service valves with their proven sealing systems
  • Chesterton Valve Live Loading is designed to reduce leakage, increase safety and extend the life time of the valve
  • Chesterton guarantees that valves stay leak free for a period of at least 5 years with their valve live loading systems

Chesterton products used in this solution: Valve Live Loading

Application Details

  • Equipment Main Steam Valves
  • Media Steam Pressure 250‐350 bar