Upgrading Laminating Press to Split Seals

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CHESTERTON was requested by a large chipboard & laminated-chipboard manufacturer customer to provide seal solution for their new laminating press.

The press is a state-of-the-art technology short stroke, high speed press what laminates the melamine paper to the surface of the chipboard by high pressure and high temperature.

The press has 12 pcs of main press cylinders with down-stroke rams. Diameter of the rams is 420 mm each.

The OEM seal solution;

  • had unexpectedly short life time (18 months)
  • the rubber and cotton particles from the traditional CHEVRON sets – traveling through the hydraulic system – plugged the main filter causing shut-downs and production losses


  • the oil filters had to be replaced in every 2 – 3 months
  • replacement work of the filters took 1 hour
  • production loss in 1 hour is approx 400 m2 of laminated board ( in total 6 x 400 m2 = 2.400 m2)
  • production loss caused by seal replacement works in total 21.000 m2

One of challenges was to provide a solution that can be installed without the complete disassembling of the cylinders saving production time.

The 11K EZ Stack Pack Split was chosen based on the operation conditions of the press (in addition 9K Anti-Extrusion Ring and Spacer).

In 3 steps 4 seal sets were replaced while finally the rest 8 seal sets were installed during one night (10 hours) as a campaign to eliminate the further production losses.

Installation dates;

  • May 2005 – 2 sets ( still in operation – 42 months )
  • June 2005 – 2 sets ( still in operation – 41 months )
  • July 2005 – 8 sets ( still in operation – 40 months )


  • Zero leakage (no oil loss) since May 2005
  • No one shut down to replace oil filters
  • No production loss cause by plugging of filters
  • No production loss caused by seal replacements
  • Doubled life time of the seal sets
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved reliability & production
  • Easy installation and quick to repair
  • No gland adjustments (maintenance free)
  • Safer working environment