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PUMPNSEAL Australia - A Chesterton Certified Seal Repair Centre


We are pleased to announce that PUMPNSEAL Australia Pty Ltd is now accredited as an official Mechanical Seal Repair and Rebuild Centre by the AW Chesterton Company.

This much sought after accreditation for our Seal Repair Centre is only given to those businesses offering a high level of excellence in both process and service. The rigorous certification process involves sourcing required equipment, training personnel and access to drawings and standards as well as maintaining dedicated clean room facilities. It requires the demonstration of adherence to systems and processes to ensure seals are repaired and tested to industry standards.

A Chesterton Certified Seal Repair Centre must also have the capability to repair other major seal brands and to ensure a complete offering of repair, exchange and replacement.

The Process

Cleaning and decontamination of the seals and parts from a wide range of industries and equipment.

Seals are stripped down and the parts measured, photographed and checked for suitability to be reused or remanufactured.

The customer is provided with a report indicating the scope of work required and, if possible, reasons for the failure, and a formal quotation for approval.

After approval is received, the replacement parts are sorted and the remanufactured components are then worked on to bring them back to standard.

Faces are lapped, and all seals, gaskets, O rings and hardware are replaced and installed.

All seals are tested and a certificate is issued with the final product. The completed seal is then packaged and prepared for shipment.

Want to find out more?

PUMPNSEAL Australia have a field-based, fully trained, technical team who are available to assist. Our team specialise in troubleshooting and finding ways to run your seals and associated equipment to ensure maximum life. We are backed by the vast and comprehensive Chesterton network of global engineers and technicians.

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