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A New Frontier in Energy Production requires the best in pump and compressor technology.

Fertile shale oil and gas plays are creating an exciting new frontier in energy production, one that promises to redefine the need and demand for energy producers, drilling and services companies, fluid-handling specialists, storage and transportation companies.

We’ve entered a new “Black Gold Rush” that is being driven by:

  • Advances in horizontal drilling
  • Advances in hydraulic fracturing

Oil producers are drilling at such a frenetic pace that production is fast outstripping current infrastructure.

The potential of these proven shale oil and gas reserves has been accompanied by an evolution in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies, which have created a domestic exploration and production opportunity which may be large enough to meet Australia’s  energy demand for decades to come. Due to the unique nature of shale, every basin, play, well and pay zone may require unique treatment. One may be oil. One may be gas. Another may be both.

The unique requirements of shale oil and gas exploration and recovery have resulted in a rush of new oilfield technology, led by horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Wells that are drilled horizontally have been proven to expose more of the well to productive reservoir layers. Hydraulic fracturing sees a liquid pumped into the reservoir under tremendous pressure. The pressure cracks the rock formation, creating channels that allow the oil and natural gas to escape and flow to the well bore.

No matter the catalyst that is used in hydraulic fracturing, PUMPNSEAL has the right high quality pump and compressor technologies available from Blackmer for your next application, so talk to us today.

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