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Warman Leaking Pump - Cover up

PUMPNSEAL have the solution for your leaking Warman Pumps. As the largest stockists of pump gland packing in WA, PUMPNSEAL have off-the-shelf solutions to make your Warman pumps work longer and harder. We offer “ready-to-go” pre-cut sets for all Warman pump sizes and slurry types

Gland Packings are not all the same. That’s why PUMPNSEAL developed PRE-CUT packing sets to suit Warman pumps that will last longer and perform more reliably than standard supplied pump packing. Our precision-cut rings suit the standard stuffing box versions of these popular pumps.

Pre-cut sets are available in both standard and high performance versions. The standard version utilises the universal PTFE/Graphite material and is designed for predominantly water based and non-slurry applications. Our high performance version uses the premium Chesterton slurry packing style 1727 and works in aggressive and abrasive service.


Benefits of pre-cut sets include:

  • no wastage of packing material;
  • protective packaging; and,
  • individual rings that are sized correctly and have been cut on a circular mandrel to ensure proper fit prior to cutting.

PUMPNSEAL have been manufacturing these sets for over 15 years and supplying to all major industries in WA. We are also able to manufacture pre-cut packing sets for other pump types and applications, and provide a unique part number for future ordering.

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