Maximise Pump Life with Permanent Bearing Protection

Pumps are vital to the industrial process and designed to operate for many years, yet they consistently come out of service due to product leakage from mechanical seal failure. Mechanical seals can fail as a result of axial movement and shaft deflection caused by bearing damage.

Contact seals, commonly used on pumps, wear at the point of contact or groove the shaft, rendering them ineffective in a short period of time. This allows lubrication loss and contamination ingress into the bearing housing. The resulting bearing damage causes axial movement and shaft deflection, which in turns causes the mechanical seal to fail. The end result is catastrophic bearing failure.

Increase reliability and maximize the life of your pumps with permanent bearing protection from Inpro/Seal®. The Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator utilizes the VBXX® interface and VBX® Ring to permanently keep contaminants from entering the bearing housing, while the innovative D-Groove or grease band design captures lubricant and directs it back into the bearing housing. A Cap Loc design is available to prevent rotor/stator separation due to axial movement. The non-contacting design of the Bearing Isolator prevents wear, providing you an effective seal for years to come.

Facts at a Glance

The Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator:

  • increases bearing life and reliability – maximizing the life of your mechanical seal and the uptime of your pump.
  • permanently protects against contamination ingress and lubrication loss.
  • can be installed on a majority of pump types, including process, API, end suction, slurry, vertical, sleeve bearing, positive displacement and horizontal split case.
  • can be designed for multiple lubrication types, including grease, oil splash, oil forced, pure mist and purge mist.
  • lowers emissions by sealing against harmful VOCs.
  • is IP66 rated.

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