1740 Anti Extrusion Aramid1740 Anti Extrusion Aramid

An interbraid packing using Kevlar® yarn and lubricated with PTFE and other lubricants to offer combined resistance to pressure, temperature, chemicals, and wear.

Technical Data
Materials Kevlar® yarn coated with PTFE
Applications Aggressive slurries and as an anti-extrusion ring
Pressure 20 bar g (300 psig)
Speed 10 m/s (2000 fpm)
Temperature 260°C (500˚F)
Chemical Resistance pH 4 to 11

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I du Ponte de Nemours and Company

1730sc Thermoset Fibre1730 SC Withstands Radial Shaft Motion and Vibration

Durable, thermoset polymer that’s easy to install and won’t score shafts, with an elastic rubber core to maintain leakage control when faced with radial shaft motion and vibration.

Technical Data
Materials Thermoset fiber with resilient silicone rubber core
Applications Agitators, mixers, blanders, washers and pulpers
Pressure 28 bar g (400 psig)
Speed 10 m/s (2000 fpm)
Temperature 230°C (450˚F)
Chemical Resistance pH 2 to 12

CMS2000 Injectable Packing SystemCMS2000 Flushless Packing System

An advanced injectable stuffing box leakage control sealant made of high purity, reinforced fiber available in graphite, white, and food grade (FP) non-staining formulations.

Technical Data
  • Advanced, thermally stable fiber with lubricants and high temperature blocking agents, White
  • A combination of fibers and non-settling graphite with high temperature lubricants and blocking agents, Black
  • FDA compliant fibers, lubricants, and blocking agents, FDA
  • Stock pumps, white water pumps, river water pumps, condensate pumps, water treatment pumps, Black and White
  • Rotating equipment applications in the food processing and handling industry, FP
Pressure 22 bar g (325 psig)
  • 10 m/s (2000 fpm), White
  • 8 m/s (1600 fpm), Black
  • 6 m/s (1200 fpm), FP
  • 205°C (400°F), White
  • 205°C (400°F), Black
  • 205°C (400°F), FP
Chemical Resistance
  • pH 1 to 13, White not recommended for oxidizers, fluorine, chlorine trifluoride and related compounds, and molten alkali metals.
  • pH 4 to 13, Black not recommended for oxidizing agents.
  • pH 0 to 14, FP