Chesterton 1727 Multi-Lon Pump PackingChesterton 1727 – Multi-Lon® Pump Packing

A synthetic packing designed to deliver performance equal to synthetics but with the pliability of asbestos.

Technical Data
Materials Continuous, synthetic thermoset fibers impregnated with PTFE and a silicone-free break-in lubricant
Applications Water, steam, and chemical pump applications in pulp, paper, and chemical plants
Pressure 15 bar g (200 psig)
Speed 10 m/s (2000 fpm)
Temperature 255˚C (488˚F)
Chemical Resistance
  • pH 1 to 13
  • Virtually unaffected by non-oxidizing acids, dilute bases, organic solvents. Should not be used in concentrated or hot sulfuric (> 60%), nitric acids (>10%), or strong bases

Chesterton 412-W Synthetic Multi-Service PackingChesterton 412-W Synthetic Multi-Service Packing

A synthetic coating yarn with a specially formulated break-in lubricant to prevent failure at start-up and maintain continuous lubrication throughout the break-in process.

Technical Data
Materials Synthetic composite yarn with PTFE and break-in lubricants
Applications Water, brine, mild acids and alkalis, slurries, and knife gate valves
Pressure 17 bar g (250 psig)
Speed 10 m/s (2000 fpm)
Temperature 230˚C (450˚F)
Chemical Resistance pH 4 to 10

Chesterton SuperSet Total Sealing Solution Featuring SpiralTracChesterton SuperSetTM Total Sealing Solution Featuring SpiralTrac

Chesterton performance packing sets, in combination with the patented SpiralTrac™ Environmental Controller, reduce flush water consumption and increase equipment service life.

Common Versions Applications
1730 SuperSet General service in slurries and clean fluids
1400R / GraphMax™ SuperSet Worn equipment, high-speed and high-temperature applications
1760 SuperSet Highly aggressive chemical environments
1830SSP SuperSet Bauxite slurries, bottom ash pumps, minerals handling pumps, tailings and other slurries

Chesterton 1724/324 PTFE PackingChesterton 1724/324 PTFE Packing

Chesterton 1724 is a unique PTFE valve packing material specially treated with protective lubricants that will not harden and do not deteriorate in a wide range of chemical applications.

Technical Data
  • 1724: Air operated valves, light and heavy hydrocarbon services
  • 324: Valves handling steam, severe chemicals and solvents
  • 1724: 210 bar g (3000 psig)
  • 324: 170 bar g (2500 psig)
Temperature 255˚C (488˚F)
Chemical Resistance pH 0 to 14