Pump Refurbishment

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At PUMPNSEAL, we understand customers want their rotating equipment repaired and turned around as quickly as possible. Pump refurbishment is a core element of our service division. We also understand that rebuilding your pump to “as new” condition may not be sufficient. With considerable experience in both the application and repair of many different pump types we consider ourselves uniquely positioned to understand our customer’s needs and be able to provide rapid, cost effective solutions.

Utilising all of our in-house expertise during the repair stage of a customer’s equipment, PUMPNSEAL can cost effectively refurbish worn component parts back to original dimensions. PUMPNSEAL can, through our Pump Asset Management Program offer solutions that will restore your pumps to better than new condition and at the same time, extend equipment life, providing significant reductions in energy costs and an increase in efficiency.

Overhaul Services

After receiving and disassembling an item of equipment or pump into our service centre, a full report of its condition will be produced. When repairing a machine to “as new” or including improvements, the following points are addressed:

  • Detailed examination of all critical parts and their condition
  • Itemized list of components suitable for re-use or refurbishment
  • List of components to be replaced
  • List of improvements
  • Estimate of time and cost of work required

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