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Not only is PUMPNSEAL’s New Pump Application Engineer Matt Prestage an expert with years of experience in the pump industry, he is also an adrenaline junky and world traveller who has been to the ends of the earth in search of excitement and new experiences. In search of adrenaline closer to home, he has started downhill mountain biking in the last couple of years and on the weekends he likes to head out to Kalamunda/Pemberton/Margaret River to ride the mountain bike trails. Matt and a few others have started their own mountain bike “team” called the “downhill dingoes” which now has 12 members. When travelling the globe last year Matt met up with a few mates and attempted to ride some of the Rebull Rampage sites in Utah, USA. This was extremely challenging and these locations were nearly impossible to climb, let alone ride down. This new hobby has definitely had its ups and downs with damaged equipment and broken bones. Matt brings this enthusiasm and attitude to his daily work at PUMPNSEAL.