Stationary Sealing Seminar

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Stationary Sealing Seminar

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PUMPNSEAL Australia together with CHESTERTON Global Learning Services invite you to attend our Stationary Sealing Seminar.

Suitable for Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical Supervisors, Reliability Engineers, Offsite Repair Co-ordinators.

Our Presenter, Ron Frisard, is a Mechanical Engineer who has worked for the AW Chesterton Company for the last 27 years in all facets of Mechanical Packing. Some of his accomplishments include developing the simplified valve live loading system, creating a 24/7 data acquisition pump packing test stand, and innovating the pricing model for braided packing by the box. He has held positions in application engineering, research & development, as well as global training, and is now responsible for Chesterton’s Valve packing, pump packing and gasketing marketing, including product line management and new product introduction.

Ron has presented at many conferences including the Electric Power Research Institute, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Valve World in Europe & the US. He has had articles published on valve, pump, and flange sealing including such topics as hot bolting, emissions valve packing and pump packing installation best practices. In addition, he is active in software development with many programs to his credit including valve packing management software, data acquisition programs and IOS app development.

Ron is currently the Vice Chair for both the Packing and Gasketing divisions of the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA).

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Topics to be covered include:

  • Valve Emissions Sealing
  • Global changes to Emissions leakage
  • Accurate measuring of valve dimensions
  • Observing valve issues that could hinder sealing
  • Installation of Packing
  • Torque and bolting considerations for Low E sealing
  • Consolidation of Packing
  • Multi-discipline continuous improvement program focusing on root causes of packing failures.

 Flange Sealing Overview

  • Considerations of bolted Flange Joint Connections
  • Forces on the Gasket
  • Elastic Curve for Bolting
  • Flange Sealing Prospective
  • Thermal Gap
  • Flange Springs
  • Hot Re-torquing dangers

 Good Bolting Overview

  • Flange & bolt inspection
  • Flange conditions
  • Torque patterns
  • Anti-seize and K factor
  • Alignment
  • Flange rotation


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