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Yamada AOD Pumps

If you need to move product in a hurry and installation time is critical, consider the air operated diaphragm pump. Yamada have been making pumps for over 70 years. With numerous material configurations to suit all ranges of chemicals, let one of PUM... Read More >

Magnetic Drive Pumps

For total containment, nothing beats a magnetic drive pump. Since 1956, Iwaki has been the pioneer in innovative pumping systems. With production exceeding 600,000 units annually Iwaki has the reputation to deliver. Every pump is built with full trac... Read More >

ANSI Process Pumps & Replacement Parts

Since 1982 Summit have been manufacturing quality pumps and parts. We offer the full range of Summit ANSI pumps which also directly interchange with the Goulds, Peerless, Griswold & Durco ANSI pumps. Summit offer an extensive range in duplex stai... Read More >

Mechanical Seals

PUMPNSEAL is proud to offer and service the full range of Chesterton mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, mixers, and other rotating equipment. Our proven component, gas, cartridge, cassette, split, and mixer seals are specifically designed to simp... Read More >

Pump & Valve Sealing

With Chesterton's continuous research and state-of-the-art advancement, PUMPNSEAL offer a full-line of packing and gasketing technology that delivers the highest performing sealing systems for a wide range of applications. Our packing's and gaskets o... Read More >

End Centrifugal Process Pumps

PUMPNSEAL carry a large inventory of end centrifugal ANSI & ISO process pumps for a broad range of duties and budgets. Our premium System One pumps are an innovative line of high-strength, low maintenance process pumps designed specifically for t... Read More >

Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Rotary Seals

If you are looking for sealing solutions for hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic or rotary equipment, PUMPNSEAL can help fast. With local Chesterton seal manufacturing capabilities we can provide the quick service you are looking for along with superior m... Read More >

Bearing Protection

The Inpro/Seal Company manufactures a Bearing Isolator that will provide the highest level of bearing protection available. Inpro/Seal® Bearing Isolators are made of high quality bronze and are designed to last for at least 100,000 hours compared to... Read More >

Gas Chlorination

CIT Superior was the first company to develop an innovative new All‐Vacuum regulator which has set industry standards in Gas Chlorination equipment. This unique All‐Vacuum design creates a much safer chlorine handling system, which is now widely ... Read More >


The SpiralTrac™ Environmental Controller is a unique, patented throat bushing specially engineered to transform and control the internal stuffing box environment in rotating process equipment. With unique versions designed to work with both mechani... Read More >