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CIT Superior was the first company to develop an innovative new All‐Vacuum regulator which has set industry standards in Gas Chlorination equipment. This unique All‐Vacuum design creates a much safer chlorine handling system, which is now widely adopted and used in the water treatment industy.

Superior along with PUMPNSEAL lead the way in customer support by offering 5 chlorination items guaranteed for life! This means no more expensive diaphragm replacements, no twisted regulator bodies and no corroded bolts and screws, giving you a more efficient and lower cost of ownership.

From 16 gr/hr to 40 kg/hr, Superiors Gas Chlorination system offers a variety of options including vacuum and pressure manifold systems with configurations from single bottle to multiple bottle systems and tonne container connections. These systems also include accessories such as gas detectors, auto‐valves, manifolds and analytical instruments.

  • Gas Regulators suit cylinder/tonne containers
  • Auto-changeover systems
  • Auto Valves
  • Leak Detectors
  • Analysers
  • Scales
  • Shutdown Systems

To assist in your application please call one of our specialists at Superior Water division on

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